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Ip-Finder.info is an automatic ip address finder, also called ip address locator.
It displays the ip address of your computer each time you connect to this page.

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Web conferencing
   or Online Meeting

You may need to know your ip address to use your favorite software for web conferencing or online meeting. You or your partner may need to know your public IP address in order to establish the communication between each other. Just point your browser to IP finder and your done !

Voice over IP

Knowing your IP address can be usefull for your small business VoIP Phone Systems.
Voice over IP enables the transmission of telephone calls trhough a data network, rather than over old traditional telephone lines.

You can buy VoIP USB IP Internet Phone for as low as 15$ and save a lot of money using conference calling services.


Ip finder has determined your IP Address

Asking yourself "What is my IP adress ?", here it is :

Click on the ip address above to copy your ip address to your clipboard.

Additionnal useful informations :
Hostname : ec2-3-226-72-194.compute-1.amazonaws.com
User-Agent : CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)

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Hit [Ctrl + D] to save your IP Address into your Favorites !
Come back next time and see if your ip address has changed.
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What is my IP address location ?

If you asked yourself "What is my IP adress location ?", your are on the right place. Ip finder queries multiple IP Address GeoLocation Databases and shows you the results for a given IP address. You can then easily check among different sources for better accuracy (feature available soon).

Ip address geolocation module

lat = 38
long = -97
You can also lookup any other IP address location !
Enter the ip address to locate and the map will center on the corresponding location.


To display your visitor's IP address on your website,
copy and paste the HTML code below on your page:

It will display a box like this on your web site,
containing your visitors' IP address :